We are working towards ending
untreatable painful conditions such as:


Neuropathic Back Pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia


Allodynia and more

Yes, we stop neuropathic pain!

About Us

Allodynic Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company which focuses on the treatment of pain. Allodynic Therapeutics is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by pain with the ambitious goal of ending pain as we know it.  Allodynic’s first product candidate is intended for use in the treatment of various neuropathic pain conditions. The product is potentially useful for treatment of neuropathic back pain, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, postherpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, vulvodynia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and more.

Our product candidate is an investigational combination of two marketed products in a low dose. Utilizing previously unrecognized analgesic properties of the components, the components of the combination inhibits two distinct targets in a newly discovered molecular pathway resulting in reduction of neuro-inflammation induced pain.

Allodynic Therapeutics was founded by Annette C. Toledano, M.D., a practicing Internist from Miami. She was motivated to develop an effective and non-narcotic treatment for pain by her inability to find an effective treatment for her own back pain. Over many years of extensive clinical research the combination was developed to come to be a disruptive innovation for treatment of most known kinds of pain.